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TALES from Ashen Falls
Monsters are on the rise and Gods walk the streets of Ashen Falls in four stories that serve as a prelude to The Eighth God.

The Eighth God

For thousands of years, five great fortresses have stood sentinel between the borderlands and the rapacious orcs. But the orcs have allies, and these allies are about to set a chain of events in motion that will lead to war...
The Sect of Seven
Who is Erekose and why is he killing the members of The Sect of Seven? What happened to Commander Arande on the night he met The Black Empress. All will be revealed!

A Little Something About Me

Paul lavender is married and he has a son.
In his working life he has been an electrician and a manager for a logistics company. Currently he is a stay at home dad.
He was born in Gateshead way back in 1968, but currently lives in Worcester. He still supports Gateshead F.C. though!

There are no dragons on Esterada. Octarion saw to that...Illethen Astorius